Saturday, 1 September 2012

The end of August and life as we know it

It's been a while coming but we are finally here, I have left my job and we are days away from Asa starting school

A new life for all of us has begun. As with most things in life not everything has got better or easier. I am now going to have to keep a firm eye on the food budget and not overspend, something of which I am terrible at.

So goodbye sweet August, we did have some brilliant days.........

Ashton court last Sunday, just me and my two boys

We found a fallen tree stump completely hollow inside,just like in the film the BFG

We had a BBQ for tea that evening and 5 balloons went up in front of us

School shoe shopping

We were in the middle of the city but found this lovely water area, I am trying to say yes to fun (free) things so in they went. It makes it easier when I say no to buying toys

On our first sight seeing bus tour of Bristol

I am so please with the shot, my darling boy
Wishing you all a very lovely weekend
Take care, Natalie xx

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