Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Liebster award

Hannah Grunzke from the Rise and Shine blog has been so very kind and nominated me for a liebster award, her coomets about my blog are so sweet. I am truly touched that she enjoys reading my blog.

The Liebster award is a great way of getting others readung blogs withunder 200 folloowers, well that is definatly me!

I have tp state 11 off facts about me and I then answer 11 of Hannah's questions. I thne need to pass this onto 11 other bloggers, here goes:
  1. What are your 3 favorite songs at the moment? My sons and I are singing christmas sings at the moment, our three favourtites are: 1. All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth 2. Rhudolf the red nose raindeer 3. I saw mummty kissing santa clause
  2. What color do you wear the most and why? Blue. Jeans are blue and I wear denim most days
  3. What was the most embarrassing fashion choice of your youth? I have to say I am not really embarresed about anything I wore when I was younger, althoigh I probably shuld be! If I had to say one it would probably be wearing a tie on my first day of secondary school. I was the only girl who did! 
  4. Do you have a hidden talent (do tell!)? I can make great animal sounds, I am best at a crow!
  5. What were your great grandfathers' occupations? Both engineers 
  6. What was your favorite subject in school? food and sociology
  7. What sport are you best at? cycling
  8. Would you rather always lose or never play? lose, definatly
  9. What would you choose to eat for your last meal? somthing, in face anything my mum cooks
  10. If you had to go back to school for a degree or certificate, what would it be? art
  11. Would you rather be an effective politician forced to resign in disgrace or an ineffective politician that nobody will remember? i hope the first one but life is never that simple
Here's what I have to say about me, in honor of this Leibster award...11 things you may not know about me:

1. I have made a couple of quite major mistakes in my life, they have made me who I am today
2. My brother James is autistic
3. I went traveling for 3 months to Thailand, malasia and Singapore when I was 20
4. I am a real light weight and a glass of wine is all i need to feel rather tipsey
5. I have an old soul, I have been listening to radio 2 since I was 16
6. I skinned and ate a rabbit in the summer holidays with my cousins when I was 12
7. I have swam with sharks
8. I had 3 major surgeries in 3 years
9. I suffered post natal deprression for a year after I had Jasper

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Special times

No photo but a memory I want to keep

Asa and I spent a few precious hours together this afternoon. I picked him up from school and went to Wotton town as he calls it

"Can we go the the adult cafe not the baby cafe mummy as I am a big boy now" of course my love

He ordered a hot chocolate for himself and a latte for me, he has such a sweet way and is so kind

We chatted about school and Christmas coming, his friends and I told him how much I love him, he said "i love you so much too mummy" I could have cried right there in the cafe

We wondered slowly hand in hand past the shops with their Christmas decorations and lights on. We bought a beautiful teddy with a gold bow and a grey puppet elephant from the charity shop for £2.25. We are going to give them to the school tomorrow for children in need. Asa was telling the lady in the shop how some children don't have as much as him so we must give what we have to them

We also were looking for a bright green top for his peter pan outfit which he'll be wearing to school tomorrow, a lovely fatface cardigan for £1.99 was perfect

Not all days are perfect but this afternoon with my biggest boy certainly was

Take care, Natalie x

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Crochet evening at Prema

I booked myself on a class at Prema arts centre, a local to me art centre.

I arrived and was greeted by the friendliest of women and I had a lovely crisp glass of Pinot Grigio.

There were some truly beautiful art on the walls, I could have easily bought 4 or 5 but alas money and my little cottage prevented it.

I spent two hours trying to master the art of crochet, it was tricky, very tricky. I most defiantly need one on one tuition!

What a nice evening with lots of lovely women

Take care, Natalie xx

Monday, 12 November 2012

10th November weekend

We visited my parents this weekend

Jasper and I picked Asa up from school on Friday and drove the 2 hours to my wonderful parents house. They live in a beautiful village in the centre of the New Forest, I love it there. My boys were so excited all the journey telling me what they were going to say when they saw their grandma and papa while we all listened to Christmas music (early I know but who are we hurting?)

Mum had made tomato meat balls and fresh pasta,, washed down with red wine, it was so good I had seconds! My sister and her boyfriend came over too so there were 6 adults and my two little ones. I had a thought as we were all eating, the next time we will be all together eating will be at Christmas. Heaven

The boys were up early on Saturday, excited to start the day. we watched morning children's TV, something we never do in the week. I cooked us some bacon, eggs, beans and toast, so good.

Asa was talking to my Mum about how he loved playing with Lego at Barry's parents a few weeks ago. Mum thought she remember having a wooden box full of lego somewhere in the loft so off we went on a treasure hunt. I as chief finder in our family found the treasure and my old remote controlled car too! The next two hours were spent making cars, houses and carriages. Jasper and grandma went to their other loft and while grandma did some sewing Jasper played on my old keyboard, he was great and looked like a DJ. I love how much Jasper is like me, playing his music and periodically turning the music down to tell Mum and I to "stop talking" "stop sewing" as it was disturbing him, I can remember being just like that

We visited some local shops and picked up two British animal books for the boys school and mum got the boys a bag full of crafts. Then we took Quill our Jack Russell for a walk in the woods


A first for me on Saturday. We made roast chicken (not a first) peas (not a first) and bought chips which we cooked in a fryer (a first) they were so so so good, then a chip butty (another first)

I had a little lay in on Sunday (thank you Barry) then it was up for my loves weekly American pancakes. Defiantly not a first as we have been having them every Sunday since we moved to our cottage 7 years ago!

Barry and I took the boys for a lovely woodland walk after breakfast. We went looking for sweet chestnuts but alas were too late, the squirrels had eaten them all. Good for them and their full little bellies. We went off the path and found a brilliant den, the boys love dens. They turned it into a cafe and served us pretend apple juice and muffins. We walked a little further and saw a doe bouncing through the ferns, the sun was streaming through the trees and steam was rising from them, beautiful. We rasied the little men above our heads so they could see this amazing sight.

Sunday afternoon was spent at the beach, we put our gloves, hats and coats but once we got onto the beach we realised just how warm it was. Asa and Jasper were running in pants and t's in and out of the water. I even took my socks and shoes off. We made a castle with a moat, played chicken in the water and chase.

Home and a splash in the hot tub while Mum cooed a roast. We ate so much that our tummies bulged.

Thank you Mum and Steve for a wonderful weekend, we love you both so very much

Take care, Natalie xx

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Life recently

The past few weeks have really flown by, all four of us have been busy. Looking back through my photos I can see the rapid change of season. We've got of hamper full of hats and gloves ready to grab on the way out the door. We now have a constant stream of shoes, wellies and boots perched on the kitchen radiator
Happy but busy

Barry said this photo looks like the boys shadows go around the world and back again

We've visited family and had roast dinner cooked for us, we were and still are so grateful. Asa and Barry's Dad are already so similar
We all visited the local library a few Saturdays ago, the boys borrowed many books and a DVD for our weekly film night. A great bargain , if you take it out on a Saturday you pay £1 and it does not need to go back till Tuesday. I love a good bargain. Barry took out a book on making furniture out of willow as we have 100 meters of it in our garden. He and the boys made a chair, well actually a sort of thrown!
He then made a chair out of a pallet. Jasper is just like his Dad, always wanting to make or fix things. In this case fixing a chair that was not broken!
After 11 years together we are best friends, not without our ups and downs. We've been together since I was 17 and 23 so have grown up together.
Halloween came, we carved, trick and treated and were so happy when my parents visited us.
Our friends came to stay for the weekend, to me it was heaven
Jasper certainly has a pout like his mum!
Along with all the good days and times together I was really ill for a few days where for the first time ever spent the whole day in bed, thank goodness for Barry. He phoned all his customers to re-schedule their jobs so he could look after the boys and me. I have also been so grumpy! I have realised something about myself this week, too little sleep means a gremlin grows in my tummy and makes me intolerant and snappy. Barry says it is just me but it is just that naughty little gremlin!
Hope you are all well, I do love reading all your blogs everyday. I hope you like a little look into my life
Take care, Natalie xx 

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