Monday, 17 September 2012

New forest weekend

We visited my parents in Sway this past weekend. The boys were so excited on Friday, I had a children's party which I was hosting in the afternoon so Barry came home early.
On our way down we bought some chips from our local Fish and Chip shop. Hot steaming chips, oh they were so good
Saturday was spent visiting my sisters new house, going to their local park and popping into their pub the Fleur De Lis which is the oldest pub in the forest

Jasper and Grandma Lynn
 My dad cooked us all a BBQ on Saturday night

We went to the local car boot sale on Sunday morning, picking up some bridges and cranes for the boys brio set, a big box of Lego (Christmas present prep for Ace) and a 1976 jug for me
Sunday afternoon was spent at highcliffe beach, so beautiful

I hope you all had a lovely weekend too, after some very dark days we as a family are coming into the sun again
Take care, Natalie xx


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