Thursday, 26 July 2012


It's been a hard week for me, bad tooth ache led on to stress over my sons school. it is so hard to be positive and calm when life is stressful. My patience seems to drain away

So in the spirit of looking at the bright side of life I have been taking photos of my children, even in the grumpiest of moods they make me happy, fleeting moments but ones I want to remember

We are visiting my parents in the New Forest, their country show is brilliant and I have been coming to this three day event since I was seven.

Morning milkshakes

Tractor driving

We'd packed our wellies and rain coats but the weather has turned, we were searching for shade all day. Just out of the show about 500 yards down the road is Bolmer Lawn, there is a beautiful river going past which was human soup this afternoon. We urgently needed a cool down

Oh how I love Tom and Jerry after a long day

Take care,Natalie x

Sunday, 22 July 2012


When I was pregnant with Asa my husband and I went to NCT anti-natal classes, the classes tried but failed at preparing us for what was about to come, however what I will always be grateful for is who I met there. Two wonderful
friends, Kate and Jenny.

Jenny and her family moved to a beautiful village called Mayfield around a year ago, I miss them all terribly but we all make the effort to visit each other. This weekend was our turn to make the journey to this beautiful part of the country

We spent Saturday playing in the garden and visiting the park

I've come to realise the thing about great friends is that it does not matter how much times passes without seeing each other, everything just remains the same.

Jenny and Toby took us to their local and very lovely pub on Saturday evening, we drank wine while the children played in the garden

We spend most of Sunday dressed as pirates, a world record attempt was taking place in Hastings, we were part of the biggest gathering of pirates in the world, 14000! The children could not quite believe how many pirates there were

Thank you my wonderful friends for a great weekend, certainly one for the memory book. Love you all

Take care, Natalie xx

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Drawers for growing boys

Since the boys were born I have always set the table, cleared away the mess and really asked anything from them in terms of help

Over the past few weeks I have started involving them in little tasks. These include getting their plates, bowls, cutlery out, helping get the drinks from the fridge and then helping me clear away.

The one idea which has worked marvellously is our new little drawer just for them, it took me a while to re-organise where all the tea towels (whose home it used to be) would go but now it officially their drawer, bless them, they love it.

Take care, Natalie xx

Monday, 9 July 2012

Easy, peezy strawberry squeezy!

Strawberries are in my top 3 favourite fruits, the others being figs (oh so good on a pizza or wrapped in parma ham with goats cheese) and pomegranates (I have such lovely memories of my nan and I eating them with pins)

We have a wonderful farm shop where I live, it is run by Paul who can be seen using what I think looks like a birthing machine but it actually harvests the asparagus!

The pick your own strawberries are just divine, picked and then plopped in your mouth. My two boys and I go regularly in season and gather as many as we can carry. We have made jam (thanks for the inspiration Laura) and this week we made our first ever strawberry ice cream.

It was so so good, creamy, strawberryie and with just 3 ingredients easy peezy

Here is what you do

Step 1:
Hull 500g of your strawberries (take the green bits off) and place in a Tupperware in the deep freeze

Step 2:
Pour 125ml of double cream and 75g of icing sugar in your food processor (I place my food processor bowl of the scales so I only have one item to wash up)

Step 3:
Pour your frozen strawberries in the bowl with the cream and icing sugar and blitz for 3-4 minutes.....done!

Take care, Natalie xx

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Cupcake decorating party

As my little business is grows so to do I, I seem to have new ideas everyday so now have a little note pad which I take everywhere with me to jot down new ideas

Last weekend I ran a cupcake decorating party, it was my biggest yet with 45 children! It was crazy but as all the children left with big beaming smiles and boxes full of cakes. I knew that they had had a good time.

I want, no actually, I need my little business to be about something more. I have spent 11 years just working, having fun but not doing anything to make any ones life better.

My dream is too grow my little company slowly to fit around my children not the other way around which has been what I've been doing up until now.

So with 50 cupcakes, 7 bowls full of butter cream and many sprinkles I made my way to Cirencester for a little girls party. I taught them how to pipe, how to use colour and then we all went crazy with decorations!

Take care, Natalie xx

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