Thursday, 6 September 2012


Today, Jasper and I picked blackberries on the way home from school, he found these apples too high for us to reach
Took silly photos of myself while Jasper played in the stream

 Found a conker for Asa

Went looking for more blackberries

Picked every single one of our apples, 14 in all. We have 8 apples trees!  
~A dragon fly (huge) flew into our cottage looking for our pond, we opened the front door and off he went
~I lost my patience with the boys when they covered themselves in mud making mud pies
~We ate tinned mackeral for the first time, actually quite lovely
~I baked banana bread, blackberry and apple cake and shirt bread while the boys slept
~I felt guilty for taking business calls in the day
~Got a party booking, queue less guilt
Take care, Natalie x


  1. just found your lovely blog! Our one apple tress produced three, but they were really sour! disappointing year for all our crops apart from peas and year, hopefully! x

    1. hello! So nice to have you here x Our rhubard did really well too. I not really sure why some years crops go well and some don't. Oh how I love fresh peas xx


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