Saturday, 1 September 2012


Now we are in September and from inspiration from a fellow blogger I have decided to put a little list of what I would like to get done in September, here goes.....

1. Enjoy one on one time with Jasper while Asa is at school
2. Start making birds feeders
3. Have the boys hair cut
4. Use up the last of the rhubarb for crumble and jam
5. Make nature masks with the boys
6. Teach the boys to make tree markings
7. Do lots of baking
8. Ask Barry to make wooden boats for the boys to race down the stream like last year
9. Find lots of conkers
10. Learn how to crochet
11. Look for beautiful blankets in charity shops
12. Spend less
13. Finish framing all my new photos and prints and get them up on my walls
14. Have a outdoor dinner with friends
15. Make mushrooms on brioche for Jasper and I when Ace is at school
16. Go to one of my favourite shows
17. Put up Jasper's book self my parents have me and paint a blackboard for him

Take care, Natalie x


  1. Ur in luck, a new magazine has come out which teaches u how to crochet, over each issue u learn how to make a blanket. 1st issue is out now (brought yesterday) at 99p, then £2.99 each week. U get wool for whole blanket and crochet hook. I'm also teaching myself.


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