Sunday, 30 September 2012

September sings - Weekend stories

Now Asa is at school our weekends have become something to look forward to and make the most of

Saturday was spent pottering in the garden. It seemed to turn into a jungle over the summer with warm weather and all the rain we had. Barry had to make the decision to either cut down our old elderflower tree or the hazel as they were hurting each other. In the end the Elder needed to go, it did make me sad but at least we will now have some beautiful hazel which we can use

Barry made use of our old washing machine a few years ago and designed a spinning burner, the boys spent the afternoon burning up the elder and playing with all the wood, climbing up our bank and making up games. Asa decided he and Jasper should be buzzards like the ones that fly over our garden, he made Jasper be the mummy buzzard who needed to sit on the eggs while he looked for food.

Mummy's hot dogs and milk for lunch


We spent Saturday evening having our now weekly film night, it was Asa's choice this time so he decided on The BFG with home made pizza for tea and popcorn. Boy heaven

 Sunday was spent running my cake decorating class at the wonderful Paper&Cotton, eating cake and drinking tea at Wotton's town hall teas then a ramble with my boys finding treasures...more on that tomorrow

I do hope you had a good weekend too, take care, Natalie x

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