Saturday, 25 August 2012

24th and 25th August

In the butterfly house with their identification sheets

I said he got stuck in the mud, Jasper mustered up enough courage to have a ride

Asa talking to the paleontologists. 

On our way to get milk
Something has changed, in me I mean. A feeling really. I have one week left of work. About this I am so contented really. I get to focus on my boys, running our little home and my baking
As in life not everything is easy, I am having to really cut back on our food bill so with this in mind I am going to start a series of posts about frugal food that tastes delish, wish me luck!
We spent Friday at the Bristol Zoo. With some Christmas money I got the boys and me membership. We had another great day finding the dinosaurs currently in residence! Saturday was spent walking the dog. Asa and Jasper have been such good boys all week, of these times I am truly grateful
Oh my darling boys, I love them so very much
Take care, Natalie x

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