Sunday, 23 September 2012

Something from my weekend

We've had a busy weekend, we spent Saturday morning at our local car boot, I picked up a £1 vintage mirror, some beautiful old books and a fabric Christmas scene which I have nestled away. We made a great little pizza for lunch (recipe to come later)
We met Barry's parents at the brilliant Stratford Park which has a big duck pond, woodland walk, play ground and skate park. Well we spent most of the afternoon at the skate park. The boys just loved scooting up and down with all the big boys. I was just beaming but tried to be cool in front of all the skate boarders!

 Sunday we had a slow morning, the boys made Barry's American pancakes, they were so good. We then finished our cakes for the school cake sale.
My boys and I made our way to Nibly scarecrow festival. As the rain was now coming down hard we stayed in the car and I tried to snap a photo or two as we went round. Thanks to Wallace and Gromit we had a free biscuit and cheese! 

A great weekend, one to be treasured
Take care, Natalie x

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  1. The scarecrow thing looks totally bonkers - along with other English pursuits like cheese rolling and bog snorkelling! I like the little mice, and it looks like lots of fun.


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