Monday, 13 August 2012

11th August

What a weekend! Our little family has been through a pretty rough patch of late so I decided we needed to have some fun and get out of our normal routine. We packed our things and went camping, just one night but it was brilliant.

We arrived at 7pm to the campsite as Barry was working late, he set up the tent while the Asa and Jasper ran around on the grass soaking up the sunshine. The boys and I went off looking for a stone to put the disposable BBQ on then set about cooking the tea. Salmon parcels (thanks littlegreenshed for the inspiration) and corn of the cob finished with Barry's delicious banana and chocolate pudding.

In the morning Barry juggled some grapes while I packed our things away, then off to the canal we went with our inflatable canoe for a paddle, just what we all needed.

Take care, Natalie x

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