Thursday, 23 August 2012

22nd & 23rd August

After working the first two days of the week I wanted to spend some relaxed time with friends and my sons

We met friends at the park and then walked them home, a great excuse to scoot, balance bike ride and paddle

I am ashamed to say these are not drawings my children did, they are mine, I was drawing a picture of Asa' s story he was telling

Today was spent at Bournstream. A wonderful park/field/play area/water park which was donated to by Barbara Saxon to the trust. Any child with a disability and their family can go and play

Amazing car tyre horses

My husband made the water feature at the park, it is fed from a natural stream and has a wheel chair splash too
Barry and Mark

The view into the lake
We are off the Bristol Zoo tomorrow, I feel several lattes will be needed
Take care, Natalie x  

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