Saturday, 18 August 2012

18th August

I was asked so many times when I was pregnant with both my boys "what do you want, a boy or a girl?" I say with no hesitation that I really did not mind. Just a baby to love is all I wanted

My brother is autistic and so I was very conscious that having a baby is jumping into the unknown, could I handle all that came with it?

While pregnant with Jasper, Asa and I wandered into a lovely little charity shop, we were on the hunt for toys. I spotted this beautiful handmade dress. Soft corduroy, reversible and the pattern is different vegetables. Well I fell in love and as it was just £2 I thought I would get it "just in case"

Well Jasper came and it has stayed hidden away, wrapped in tissue paper until today. I have sent it to my lovely friend for her little girl to wear. What a lovey surprise that will be

Take care, Natalie xx


  1. I did the same with my eldest, but then my two girls came along. What a lovely thoughtful idea to pass it on.

    Nina x


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