Friday, 17 August 2012

17th August

My now big boy when he was 18 months old, just a month after Jasper was born my sister took him out for the day

Asa's first birthday at Bristol Zoo, this is me and my lush sis Rachel. I can't believe that was nearly four years ago! I still have those converse!

Jasper and me on a land train, oh the chubby cheeks

Jasper and me at Iron Action may day celebrations 2 years ago

My boys have been away, on their holidays with my Mum and Dad, I miss them so very much. I'm picking them up tomorrow. I think a simple balloon each from mummy will go down nicely

Take care, Natalie x


  1. Cute blog! =)

    1. ah thanks ;) I have just had a noisey at yours, beautiful clothes xx

  2. hi Kay, yes some lovely photos, mainly taken by barry x


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