Thursday, 16 August 2012

15th August

Leaving work last night...the Bristol see no evil street art project. I have been watching it go up from my desk all week. It is a free event happening in Bristol all this weekend, there will be bands, stools etc. Barry is taking his bike to the bike show on corn street so has been tasked (by me) to take some photos.

Me, on my lunch, buying school daps for Asa

Not many more lunch breaks for me, I now have 2 more weeks left of work and then I am a full time mumma and small business owner. Today as I am alone without my boys I am going to 1. Print off posters and put up to advertise my cupcake decorating classes, buy Asa his school trousers and shorts, buy some cheap frames for some prints I have. Make tea just for me and B

Take care, Natalie x

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