Monday, 14 May 2012

Once a day rainbow

I love so many things about being a mumma to my two boys, they do drive me round the bend and sometimes I just feel like I am never coping, however at the moment I seem to be meeting both their needs and we are rubbing along together and enjoying each other's company.

One of the many parts of children I love and appreciate so much is that they see the world in a fresh way and make me notice things in the world that would have passed me by. For example a tractor can now no longer drive past our cottage without me shouting for them to come and see it, I can no longer see an interesting bug or animal without telling them and even when I am alone (which is normally in the city) I want to show them interesting things I see. (An actual real life sheep ((children's speak)) outside of IKEA on a lead, a dog sat on a child's car seat strapped in being driven in a V flash BMW and the beautiful Bristol Eye)

We have breakfast every morning about 8am and a few days ago the boys noticed a small shaft of light coming from our fish tank onto the kitchen wall, it is a small mixture of colurs coming through the glass. They have named it "once a day rainbow" it comes every morning for only about 10 minutes but they appreciate that special fleeting moment.

We had some fun capturing the beauty of it in their faces, oh my darling pixie boys x

As soon as I took this I said I thought Ace looked like a Pixie, he gets me to now say this over and over.

Take Care, Natalie x

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