Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Kissing doves x

Since a friend told me about the wonder of blogs I have been using my web time to look around. I love reading about what other people have been doing, creating, thinking and feeling. In  a world which seems to full of consumerism and celebrity gossip it is so refreshing and inspiring.

I stumbled upon a blog talking about garlands, I did not realise this about myself before but I really love anything strung up and hanging. As A and J grow I seem to be struggling to cope with their arguing and am the constant peace keeper. So, I decided to encourage them to focus on specific activities. We made some lovely doves this week, we had sponges, paint and glitter which I bought in my lunch hour (thank goodness for them!) and we got busy

We followed this tutorial by the lovely Sharilyn from lovely design. Have a go, we loved creating them and I am sure they will stay up for many months!

Kissing doves make me very happy, who knew?

Take care

Natalie xx

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