Thursday, 24 May 2012

My little boys birthday party xx

Jasper is my littlest boy, he is a year and a half younger than Asa. He is so like me in many ways, from his feisty nature to his good heart, his short temper to his flat bottom, his lips and his chin, all me and now him. We do adore him and wanted his third birthday to be really special. I think that when a child gets to three they completely understand that it is their special day and so it's much more about what they like and enjoy rather than us as his parents!

My friends son R and Jasper are pretty much 1 year apart in age so a joint party was put in the diary and plans started to be made. I found a fabulous tutorial online on a blog I follow called lovely design as we wanted to do something a bit different to the usual party bags. We both made our own, here are mine:

 Laura (R's mummy) found the most adorable photo of animals with hats on so we took that idea and decided to go with it in a new direction. She says in her blog "putting hats on toy animals makes them 1000 cuter" this is so true.

There is a little meadow near where I live which was developed by the local residents, all we needed was good weather, lovely food, throw some  children in and we had a party! We decided on bunting for decoration, parse the parcel with home made play dough for the prize and, Laura brought her parachute which I have never seen used before with children and only vaguely remember as a child, well you should have seen her, completely in her element, she was amazing with all the children and parents

I run a small business which amongst other baking things runs children's cupcake decorating parties, it was great to have a completely different way of doing the traditional party bags and I think I now need a bit of creative thinking so I can start to offer these kind of things to my clients.

I hope you enjoy the photos

Party prep with Laura and her famous number biscuits x

My "kite bunting" Asa gave me the idea for this and I love it. If you would like to know how to make it please ask me

Left over spotty fabric from my curtains which my good friend Amanda made x

Happy 3rd Birthday Jasper. Mummy, Daddy and Asa love you so very much

Take care, Natalie x

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