Tuesday, 8 May 2012

A cloud is free and so flies away, as a white sail upon the ocean, bright with the light of a sunny ray,with its gossamer wings in motion

So garlands are the order of most of my days at the moment, well in my mind anyway as life takes over with the mumma jobs I must do...washing, changing beds, cooking and playing with the lads. I do however like to ponder on what projects I would like to work on when they are both tucked up in bed. I realise that as they grow I do need to do somethings for myself. When they are awake they dominate everything thing and thought I have, I love it this way.

While on my surf time a few weeks ago I stumbled on a great none-sew design for a garland, to me though they are tassel's and so here is the step by step guide to how I made them. Please use it and let me know how you get on, have you added anything to make them better?

In my lunch break I made my way to "The fabric warehouse" a warehouse? no, however there was lots of fabric, not too pricey as well which is always a bonus. I bought four colours of pure cotton which (fingers crossed) won't fade too much outside.

It all came to £4.87 so a cheap crafty project

To make the tassells I first of all ironed the fabric to keep it nice a flat. I then cut out rectangles 24" by 30" then folded then in half

I then cut the tassells into the fabric 1" apart

I then turned the fabric round and rolled it up keeping it as tights as possible

Once rolled I folded it in half and then with a spare bit of fabric I tied it up at the top and then pushed the fabric through to secure it. I then pushed some natural binders string through them and asked hubby to help me put them up. I asked him if he liked them..... "they are nice" ........I then asked A(4 years old) "I don't like them mumma, they are just a bit silly" well at least he tells me what he really thinks. Me though, well I love them and enjoy watching them move in the wind

Take care

Natalie xx

PS Poem by Linda Marie Van Tassell

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