Saturday, 31 August 2013


On Thursday something happened, something upsetting which has really made me think about myself and the challenges of working while being a mother

How much do I put up with for a peaceful life? How far will I allow people to push me verbally? Have I gone too far trying always to do the right thing? Do I value myself as much as I thought I did?

I have been working as a waitress to bring it a bit of extra cash while I study to become a teaching assistant. The head chef it seems was quite the meanest person I have ever met and not just to me but practically anyone was, at some point in the firing line. I was full of tears on my first few shifts but held them in, was I just being a bit sensitive? I thought to myself

Most shifts were fine and came and went without drama but every now and again a situation would arise where I needed to stand up for myself, and I did, trying to deal with situations in a professional and adult way. My head was telling me that as a full time mum jobs that suit me and the hours I can commit to are hard to find so I should just cope.

This week though I was pushed too far, I could do nothing else but undo my apron and leave, I litrully could not stop myself from walking out, I said not a word in anger just left, shaking. I cried and called Barry, he was amazing telling me I should never allow people to treat me that way, he was a bit upset with me for not telling him how much had been happening before. After a cuddle and a cup of hot sweet tea I felt better

This I know for sure.

Do we as a society really support mothers working?

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