Thursday, 15 August 2013


As we drove up the magic view road* from Tetbury to Minchinhampton we were all very excited, the boys were trying to keep the secret safe from Barry as to where we were going. We had tickets to the circus, the very latest and greatest circus of all, Giffords. How lucky we all felt to be going and we were, lucky.

As we walked into the big top I was hit with a heavenly scent of wood shavings, horses and incense. A memory popped into my head of when my father took us to the circus as children.

The show was brilliant, just brilliant. We laughed, held our breath and clapped our way through the show

Earlier in the day I had made minestrone and packed our cool box with little French sticks, flasks full of soup and our favourite lemonade to have for tea after the show. We ate under a tree with the cows on the common watching us

A truly magical evening, one to remember

*A very twisty road where on every bend the person on the other side of the car gets the view, the boys say "magic fingers" and as I turn the corner

Giffords still has lots of shows left so go and grab yourself a ticket


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  1. Beautiful images!! I had to quickly scroll through the inside tent shots, as we are going next weekend and I didn't want to see any spoilers!!! I can't wait. x


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