Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Precious things

On Wednesday mornings my son rushes into my bedroom to tell me today is the day of forest school, his little face looking so perfect with his smile beaming,  it is one of his favourite things to do at school, that and open the book assembly

After picking up Japser from Kindergarten today we were asked if we would like to come too, Jasper and I could not say "yes please" quick enough

The sun was so bright as we all walked down to the woodland area, all the children excited to see what they were going to do today.

Asa decided to collect a few precious things, here they are, precious things found by my precious boy

Taking part in this weeks Nature in the home from Lou of Little Green Shed

Take care, Natalie xx 


  1. I love the daisies, the delicate egg shell, the feathers - all of it x

  2. What a wonderful collection of treasures - so pretty. x


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