Thursday, 8 November 2012

Life recently

The past few weeks have really flown by, all four of us have been busy. Looking back through my photos I can see the rapid change of season. We've got of hamper full of hats and gloves ready to grab on the way out the door. We now have a constant stream of shoes, wellies and boots perched on the kitchen radiator
Happy but busy

Barry said this photo looks like the boys shadows go around the world and back again

We've visited family and had roast dinner cooked for us, we were and still are so grateful. Asa and Barry's Dad are already so similar
We all visited the local library a few Saturdays ago, the boys borrowed many books and a DVD for our weekly film night. A great bargain , if you take it out on a Saturday you pay £1 and it does not need to go back till Tuesday. I love a good bargain. Barry took out a book on making furniture out of willow as we have 100 meters of it in our garden. He and the boys made a chair, well actually a sort of thrown!
He then made a chair out of a pallet. Jasper is just like his Dad, always wanting to make or fix things. In this case fixing a chair that was not broken!
After 11 years together we are best friends, not without our ups and downs. We've been together since I was 17 and 23 so have grown up together.
Halloween came, we carved, trick and treated and were so happy when my parents visited us.
Our friends came to stay for the weekend, to me it was heaven
Jasper certainly has a pout like his mum!
Along with all the good days and times together I was really ill for a few days where for the first time ever spent the whole day in bed, thank goodness for Barry. He phoned all his customers to re-schedule their jobs so he could look after the boys and me. I have also been so grumpy! I have realised something about myself this week, too little sleep means a gremlin grows in my tummy and makes me intolerant and snappy. Barry says it is just me but it is just that naughty little gremlin!
Hope you are all well, I do love reading all your blogs everyday. I hope you like a little look into my life
Take care, Natalie xx 

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