Monday, 12 November 2012

10th November weekend

We visited my parents this weekend

Jasper and I picked Asa up from school on Friday and drove the 2 hours to my wonderful parents house. They live in a beautiful village in the centre of the New Forest, I love it there. My boys were so excited all the journey telling me what they were going to say when they saw their grandma and papa while we all listened to Christmas music (early I know but who are we hurting?)

Mum had made tomato meat balls and fresh pasta,, washed down with red wine, it was so good I had seconds! My sister and her boyfriend came over too so there were 6 adults and my two little ones. I had a thought as we were all eating, the next time we will be all together eating will be at Christmas. Heaven

The boys were up early on Saturday, excited to start the day. we watched morning children's TV, something we never do in the week. I cooked us some bacon, eggs, beans and toast, so good.

Asa was talking to my Mum about how he loved playing with Lego at Barry's parents a few weeks ago. Mum thought she remember having a wooden box full of lego somewhere in the loft so off we went on a treasure hunt. I as chief finder in our family found the treasure and my old remote controlled car too! The next two hours were spent making cars, houses and carriages. Jasper and grandma went to their other loft and while grandma did some sewing Jasper played on my old keyboard, he was great and looked like a DJ. I love how much Jasper is like me, playing his music and periodically turning the music down to tell Mum and I to "stop talking" "stop sewing" as it was disturbing him, I can remember being just like that

We visited some local shops and picked up two British animal books for the boys school and mum got the boys a bag full of crafts. Then we took Quill our Jack Russell for a walk in the woods


A first for me on Saturday. We made roast chicken (not a first) peas (not a first) and bought chips which we cooked in a fryer (a first) they were so so so good, then a chip butty (another first)

I had a little lay in on Sunday (thank you Barry) then it was up for my loves weekly American pancakes. Defiantly not a first as we have been having them every Sunday since we moved to our cottage 7 years ago!

Barry and I took the boys for a lovely woodland walk after breakfast. We went looking for sweet chestnuts but alas were too late, the squirrels had eaten them all. Good for them and their full little bellies. We went off the path and found a brilliant den, the boys love dens. They turned it into a cafe and served us pretend apple juice and muffins. We walked a little further and saw a doe bouncing through the ferns, the sun was streaming through the trees and steam was rising from them, beautiful. We rasied the little men above our heads so they could see this amazing sight.

Sunday afternoon was spent at the beach, we put our gloves, hats and coats but once we got onto the beach we realised just how warm it was. Asa and Jasper were running in pants and t's in and out of the water. I even took my socks and shoes off. We made a castle with a moat, played chicken in the water and chase.

Home and a splash in the hot tub while Mum cooed a roast. We ate so much that our tummies bulged.

Thank you Mum and Steve for a wonderful weekend, we love you both so very much

Take care, Natalie xx

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