Sunday, 8 July 2012

Cupcake decorating party

As my little business is grows so to do I, I seem to have new ideas everyday so now have a little note pad which I take everywhere with me to jot down new ideas

Last weekend I ran a cupcake decorating party, it was my biggest yet with 45 children! It was crazy but as all the children left with big beaming smiles and boxes full of cakes. I knew that they had had a good time.

I want, no actually, I need my little business to be about something more. I have spent 11 years just working, having fun but not doing anything to make any ones life better.

My dream is too grow my little company slowly to fit around my children not the other way around which has been what I've been doing up until now.

So with 50 cupcakes, 7 bowls full of butter cream and many sprinkles I made my way to Cirencester for a little girls party. I taught them how to pipe, how to use colour and then we all went crazy with decorations!

Take care, Natalie xx

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