Monday, 9 July 2012

Easy, peezy strawberry squeezy!

Strawberries are in my top 3 favourite fruits, the others being figs (oh so good on a pizza or wrapped in parma ham with goats cheese) and pomegranates (I have such lovely memories of my nan and I eating them with pins)

We have a wonderful farm shop where I live, it is run by Paul who can be seen using what I think looks like a birthing machine but it actually harvests the asparagus!

The pick your own strawberries are just divine, picked and then plopped in your mouth. My two boys and I go regularly in season and gather as many as we can carry. We have made jam (thanks for the inspiration Laura) and this week we made our first ever strawberry ice cream.

It was so so good, creamy, strawberryie and with just 3 ingredients easy peezy

Here is what you do

Step 1:
Hull 500g of your strawberries (take the green bits off) and place in a Tupperware in the deep freeze

Step 2:
Pour 125ml of double cream and 75g of icing sugar in your food processor (I place my food processor bowl of the scales so I only have one item to wash up)

Step 3:
Pour your frozen strawberries in the bowl with the cream and icing sugar and blitz for 3-4 minutes.....done!

Take care, Natalie xx


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