Thursday, 14 June 2012

A walk on the wild side

I really wanted to write this post yesterday, I have however promised myself that I should really get my jobs done before I do my blog and other things which I love. There is something about feeling at peace when the house is clean and most jobs are done, for me anyway.

So after I cleaned up from the boys, ate tea, answered some business emails and made the cushion cover I have been meaning to do all week it was time for bed.

Tonight however I am here at 7:40pm typing away, Kerri a mother I know has just collected the party bags I have made for her sons party next week, and I am here with a cup of tea, lovely

The last few days with my boys have been just great, I have been struggling with patience of late but at the moment I seem to have buckets of it, I think it may be more sleep and the dream of a new beginning in September

I took them for a walk after pre-school yesterday, Barry my husband and I found it on Sunday while looking for elder flowers (that's another story!) he said he has been there before on the shot he attends in the winter. Well it was so beautiful, the sun was shining and the boys were running around stamping on thistles, pretending the find treasure with their metal detectors made of sticks, while I listened to the birds and watched the trees move. A lovely moment I want to remember

We then decided to go into the woods, big mistake, huge. Very muddy.

On another note I have also started reading a new blog by a lady called Leigh. I read her posts again and again. Have a look x

Take care, Natalie xx


  1. Thank you for the mention xx

  2. Beautiful photos, nothing better than seeing children out enjoying the fresh air

  3. Nice post Natalie, where is that, we could take Harry up there?

    1. harry would love it, as soon as this rain breaks we can all go up there xx

  4. PS I've added your blog to the 'blogroll' on mine.


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