Thursday, 26 July 2012


It's been a hard week for me, bad tooth ache led on to stress over my sons school. it is so hard to be positive and calm when life is stressful. My patience seems to drain away

So in the spirit of looking at the bright side of life I have been taking photos of my children, even in the grumpiest of moods they make me happy, fleeting moments but ones I want to remember

We are visiting my parents in the New Forest, their country show is brilliant and I have been coming to this three day event since I was seven.

Morning milkshakes

Tractor driving

We'd packed our wellies and rain coats but the weather has turned, we were searching for shade all day. Just out of the show about 500 yards down the road is Bolmer Lawn, there is a beautiful river going past which was human soup this afternoon. We urgently needed a cool down

Oh how I love Tom and Jerry after a long day

Take care,Natalie x

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