Saturday, 9 June 2012

Wotton-Under-Edge Arts and Crafts trail

We've now been living here in Wotton (which is half way between Gloucester and Bristol,how lucky are we!) for 7 years.

We saved our pennies and bought a little old stone cottage. Mr Ford, or Flash as everyone calls him lived here since he was born and his parents before him. Both Mr and I felt a responsibility to the cottage to treat it with respect and take it back to what it really is.

When we moved in it had strawberry wall paper in with whinny kitchen, green 1970's carpet everywhere and a corner bath perfect for old folk but not a couple that wanted to make a family here.

We tackled the kitchen first and in between going away to get married we did all the washing up in the bath and cooked in the lounge! I remember walking in one day and the kitchen had a mud floor, the walls were stone and there was no ceiling. I like caves but really... not in my house!

One wedding with out little Asa bun in the oven and then little Jasper came along 17 months later we really needed to finish the house. Mr and I sat down one evening and decided we could spend the next 5 years renovating on weekends, evenings etc or just go for it for 3 months. Well I coped but only just. Crazy, crazy times. We now have a beautiful cottage with stone and white walls, 2 separate rooms for the boys and a small bedroom for us.

This place is truly the first place that felt like home since moving out from my parents when I was 19.

Tomorrow is the Wotton Art and Craft fair, a truly great walk around the town with some great artists. Come and see Belinda in Paper & Cotton.

Enjoy your Sundays everyone

Take care, Natalie xx


  1. It's lovely your home has a history and now you're making your own too. Hard work but it looks well worth it :) x

    1. thanks Andrea. i do feel like we've started a new story for the house now. It must feel heavy at times with all the boys toys! xx


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