Thursday, 14 March 2013


A few years ago I read a book about gratefulness, it talked about how, if you focus on things you are gratefullyfor it makes dealing with life's pressures and hardships much easier

I now most days think about what I am grateful for and I wanted to share with you today how I am feeling, I hope you can join in to and tell me what you are grateful for, the wonderful part is that it can be anything at all, from the smallest gesture of a stranger smiling as you cross in the street to your children helping you put the socks away

Today I am grateful for:

My brilliant little car and it's heated seats keeping me warm on my drive home from work at midnight

My ugg boots for meaning I can wear shoes as comfy as my slippers while cycling the boys to school

Too many oranges in the fruit bowl so I could make myself a fresh orange juice this morning

My body for being so amazing, it has allowed me to have both my beautiful and amazing boys, been strong when I was ill and everyday lets me do all the things I need to do

Here is hoping you all have a happy and grateful day

Take care, Natalie xx

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