Friday, 14 December 2012

Big boy

Today's post is all about my eldest boy Asa. Since starting his new school in September he has grown in so many ways, today was another mile stone for us all. He went on his first school trip, to the pantomime.

On a very frosty morning we left the house very early, the boys followed their normal morning routine. Playing chase in the play ground, as soon as the bell goes Asa lines up and Jasper goes to give his big brother a big kiss and cuddle good bye

Jasper and I stayed to wave the coaches off, three vehicles full of very precious children

I tried to keep busy all day so not to worry but I did worry, all day.
We went to the woods across the valley from the school. A friend text me to say she had just seen the coaches come through the town. Jasper and I listened and we could hear the sound of excited children. We were about a mile away from the school but the wind carried that wonderful sound right to our ears

He was fine of course and said he had a wonderful time in Celtenham. He then went on to tell me the whole Dick Wittington story
Take care, Natalie xx

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  1. Happy to hear he had a good time and you can relax now. It's the beginning of letting them out into the big wide world. x


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