Thursday, 6 December 2012

Asa is 5!

What a weekend we had, my oldest boy is now 5, I am still getting used to saying or writing it, I have to admit I am in complete denial about him growing up, he won't, no, he will stay 5 forever and be my little boy who needs me always (puts head under pillows with fingers in ears)

As ever with me the busier I am the fewer photos I take so these of his party are taken by my dear friend Samantha

We threw Asa a woodland party with animal masks, indoor campfire and a woodland feast. Ace had been practising musical status all week in preparation

The boys and I spent the weeks before the party making little pasta necklaces for the children to take home and dipped pine cones sprinkled in glitter then hung in coloured string as medals

He had a great time and said once all the children had left and we had all cleaned up together that it was the best party ever, just what I needed to hear, thanks Ace xx

Happy Birthday my darling, we love you so much
Take care, Natalie x

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