Tuesday, 5 November 2013


As a child I always had the best intention to write a diary, I was great on the first day but quickly forgot and never managed to be consistent. Now I am a mother I feel more than ever that I want to remember and be able to look back at times that are significant. What did I notice today that made me smile or realise how beautiful the world is.
Since starting my blog I have finally found a place where I can do what I have always wanted, I try not to be too conscience about what other people might think about what I have written or the quality of my photos, it does come in waves though and sometimes I hesitate to post things that might be dull or mundane to others.
As I watch my children play I hear the whispers of their imaginary world, the clank of lego as they look for the perfect piece, a world of innocence, play and love. I see them grow everyday and feel their soft skin as I wash them. I hope I can take the courage from them to be a little less self conscience and be happy as me, just me.


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