Friday, 8 November 2013

Half term diary

We spent our half term with my parents in Hampshire. We feel so lucky to be able to regularly visit them. My Mum and I wanted this half term to be a real holiday so we parked their caravan 5 miles from the sea and 5 miles from my Mum's home.

No TV, no distractions, just time to be together and enjoy the wild outdoors, the boys spent a lot of time of their bikes, in the chilly sea and in the woods. We helped with the horses, watched the farrier at work, saw Turbo at the cinema, and collected shells. I want my boys to remember these times, simple days filled with Mummy and Grandma love.

Everyday was not perfect, we had upsets and were late for things, had scraped knees and freezing toes. I slept a lot, the boys had too many sweets and we had a situation with a very big dog. The thing is I am not looking for a perfect life, just one where there are more good days than bad and where I appreciate the small things.


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