Sunday, 30 June 2013

June - Instagram

June brings with it the promise of so many things, everything is growing and the days are long and more often than not warm, cycling to collect the boys from school I noticed most days I am just wearing a t-shirt without one of my trusty M&S vests!

My vegetables are growing so fast with all this warm and wet weather, the peas now have sticks to grow up and the courgette plants have doubled in size

The blue bells in June were beautiful, I found white and pink ones too. 

We learned about the planets in June, creating our own to hang in the boys rooms

My parents had Asa and Japser for the weekend, while they were in Lego Land Barry and I enjoyed some much needed sleep and much needed time just the two of us

We spent the day at Stratford park, scooting, picnicing, swimming and walking through the woods 

Asa is a little snail life saver, he moves them out of harms way on foot paths and into the bushes


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