Saturday, 29 June 2013

Elderflowers & Gooseberries

Everywhere I look at the moment there are Elderflower bushes, as I cycle along the country roads I am hit by the heady scent of their flowers, it is intoxicating. This weekend the boys and I plan to forage a big basket full ready for cordial making.

In June there is another treat in store for us down at our local farm shop, the very first of the pick your own harvest is ready, the Gooseberries! After school on Friday we headed down to pick as many as we could carry, I have a recipe I want to try, if it goes well I will share it here!

Jasper was a great picker and picked as many as I did, Asa and Barry on the other hand sneaked in to check on how the strawberries were doing and both came out with red stains on their t-shirts, there really is no stopping them sometimes


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