Tuesday, 29 January 2013

School cooking

I help at Asa's school once a week, I always wanted to be able to 'give' a little when he started and teaching cooking once a week seemed the best fit

So my Tuesday afternoons are spent with a litter of gorgeous and beautiful children. I now know all their names and they call me 'Asa's mum' I love this and so does Ace

Today after all the snow I wanted to teach them how to use ice and cold things in cooking, always with an eye on healthy eating I taught them how to make slush puppies

We used frozen strawberries, ice and apple juice. Can you believe that EVERY child liked and ate all their helping!?! Que me and Miss Pearce their teacher having very big smiles :)

Could you spare an hour to help at your child's school?

Take care, Natalie xx

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  1. Hi Natalie. Just found your blog on a comment left at Side Street Style. Thought I'd pop over and say hi! I used to help out at my girls' school. It is so rewarding. My son starts school in September and I expect I will be back in the classroom volunteering again!


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