Wednesday, 23 January 2013

New things

Have you enjoyed the snow? I think it would take me many many weeks to get bored of it. I love the way it makes everything look pure and clean, even the dustbins topped with a thick layer of snow look cute. I love the crunch of thick snow under my boots and holding my children up as we walk. I love the feeling of wondering when it will go and when it will come back again, this year, maybe next year. Snow please stay just a little longer

Photos taken with my beautiful new camera. Cushions were a birthday present from my dear friend Jenny, can be found here They are hand printed on linen, heaven, and so lovely to have on my bed

At the top of our garden after school 

Mumma my fingers are cold 

Down there is our little cottage, our very own castle. 

Take care, Natalie xx

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