Sunday, 8 April 2012

Crafting in the bahroom...

My bathroom cabinet has been annoying me for some time, silly I must admit but there it is. I bought it 5 years ago from a second hand shop as a plate holder. Once we finished renovating our cottage we realised we had no room for it in the kitchen. I bashed out (I like to bash!) the plate holders and turned it upside down. It has been residing in my bathroom ever since but has never looked quite "finished"

We have a great shop in Wotton Under Edge called Paper & Cotton, I got my inspiration from Belinda Downs who owns it.

I popped into my local charity shop and hunted a while in the book section, I found 2 books, both for the princely some of 50p each. One a 1958 Robin Hood book and the other a 1960 book on flowers.

I then a little hesitantly ripped out all the pages I liked, no too many pictures and not too much text.

Once I'd lined them up against the back of the unit to make sure they fit I trimmed the edges. I made up a mix of 50/50 pva and water. I then used a paint brush to essentially wallpaper them to the unit gluing them on the back, putting the sheet up on the wood then gluing it in place.

I found a few air bubbles came up so just ensure you push them out with either your fingers or your paint brush

I now love my bathroom upside down, old plate holder cabinet, I am defiantly a bit fickle!

All finished

Take Care, Natalie xx


  1. WOW! Love your new bathroom cabinet. Very you :-)x

  2. It looks gorgeous! What amazing books you found. Laura x


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