Saturday, 11 January 2014

The year in books :: January

I recognise in myself that I very rarely rest, there are always so many jobs to do that my intention to sit for a while with cup of tea in hand is never realised.
A good book for me is an escape, I can for a short while at least consider the characters, soak up the words and in my favourite kind of books immerse myself in the nostalgia of times gone by.

I took two books away with us at Christmas, Persephone. Two out of a collection of 104 neglected fiction and non-fiction books by mid-twentieth century writers.

The making of a marchioness is pure wistfulness for me "her dress was only blue linen with white beads on it - and she had only a sailor-hat with a buckle and bow"

Taking part with Laura on The year in books link up


  1. Unfortunately I think my sitting and reading time has been swallowed up by social media. I'm not finding I strike the right balance these days. Might have to rethink this year.

    Your book does sound very lovely.

    1. I am the same, step away from the laptop Natalie! I have found having a bubble bath as soon as I put the children to bed is the best time to read for me, that and in bed but hubby gets annoyed as he wants to sleep! xx

  2. Thanks for joining in, lovely. x

    1. It's a brilliant idea, love being a part of it xx


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