Tuesday, 29 October 2013


On our daily walk to school last week A announced he had a wobbly tooth "I am sure it will be out before the end of the day" he told me as he ran through the school gates to see his friends. 

Waiting to collect him at 3 pm I realised that perhaps giving him his apple was not a great idea, I have been handing him an apple everyday when he finishes school, it started when our trees produced a bumper crop this year. As we walked home he wobbled the little white pearl that I remember growing when he was so young, so small, so long ago. 

Morning came and I was woken in the dark by his sweet voice "Mummy, it came out, my tooth really came out" he had emptied his little trinket bowl and there it was, small and perfect. That evening we got out his tooth fairy cushion made my his nanny. He said "Mummy, do you think I will feel the fluttering of the fairies wings on my cheeks when she comes?" I said perhaps and tucked him in. Such a special time for both of us, another sign that my biggest little boy is growing up. 

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