Sunday, 3 February 2013


I love to do lists, I think it has allot to do with my love of a new note book. The look and feel of the covers, the clean blank pages ready for my notes, ideas, scribbles and ever lasting to do list

I have a new one, very old school.

For my little space here I want to put down a few things I would like to accomplish during the lovely month of February. I wonder how I will get on, I will let you know

What are your plans in February?

1. Make my sisters birthday present
2. Visit dear friends
3. Spend time with my parents in half term
4. Try and find a job which fits in with being a mumma, school and Barry, sigh
5. Celebrate Chinese new year on February 10th
6. Make February 14th a special evening for all our little family and make one of these and these and these, oh no too much Pinterest!!   
7. Start using out National Trust membership
8. FINALLY get my hair cut and the boys too by the amazing Padge
9. Pancakes on shrove Tuesday
10. Help plant out the bulbs at Jasper's kindergarten
11. Make my first ever batch of marmalade
12. Find many beautiful snow drops
13. Discuss holidays with my Mum
14. Make many cakes and blog them all!!
15. Have dinner with friends
16. Have an outdoor BBQ

Wish me luck, I think I am going to need it

Take care, Natalie xx


  1. Cor - sounds fantastic. Now that is certainly one way to break the winter blues! xx

    1. Thank Lou, do you think it is just the winter blues? I hope so. Thank you so very mjuch for your supportive words from across the surf, they are so appriciated xx

  2. Hello! Thanks for all your lovely comments over at Little Birdie. Your list is terrific, lots to pack in there! Good luck with it all, sounds like a lot of fun. I'm longing for some half term lie-ins, trips to an aquarium, sculpture park and lots of cake too! x

  3. Wow so many things to do and being a mother we all no that time is limited - I am the same always making lists and going back to them and it's so nice to tick things off and look at what you have achieved. Ohh love the portraits of your boys as well in the post above :)

    Laura x


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